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  • ETF - decentralized analogue to exchange traded fund, an asset representing an index of assets contained in the multipool.

  • Multipool - a liquidity pool that contains a reserve of a basket of assets tracked by an ETF.

  • Peg - equilibrium price of an ETF

  • Deviation - a % at which the price of an underlying asset declined or grew.

  • Base fee - fixed fees charged for operations bringing the ETF to equilibrium or peg.

  • Deviation fee - dynamic fees charged for operations causing deviation from the peg and calculated proportionally to the deviation increase in %.

  • Underlying assets - assets in the multipool

  • Cashback - a portion of fees collected by the protocol and redistributed to traders for their operations aimed towards the ETF balance.

  • Index: A mathematical model that determines the shares of an asset based on certain asset parameters.

  • TradFi: Traditional finance.

  • DeFi: Decentralized finance.

  • Market capitalization: The total value of a company's outstanding shares.

  • Revenue: The total income that a company generates from its business activities.

  • TVL: Total value locked. The total amount of cryptocurrency that is deposited in a DeFi protocol.

  • Bundle: A group of assets that are traded together.

  • Portfolio management: The process of selecting and managing a group of assets.

  • Commission: A platform fee charged for a service.

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